High-school wimp fails to get his girl… where was Axe when Agent Jack Bauer needed it?

Psst! Want to know what Agent Jack Bauer of 24 Hours fame did during his schooldays? Then watch this, the one-minute prequel. Apparently Unilever’s Axe didn’t have much to do with them – maybe it didn’t even exist in those dim, distant days. Much to Jack’s regret. If only he’d known then what he knows now, the irresistible Susan Glenn could have been his for the asking. Thanks to a few squirts of the elixir of lust.

“Fear No Susan Glenn” is an attractive piece of work by BBH New York, with direction by Ringan Ledwidge (of Guardian “Three Little Pigs” fame). Who would have thought you could turn on the pimply male market by breaking the mould with a piece of wistful melancholia? For those who are wondering, Susan Glenn is played by Jessica Cook, the current ‘face’ of cosmetics brand Mary Kay.


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