Google heads global campaign to legalise gay love

There was a time when companies just tried to sell us things but the ‘just’ in that seems like a long time ago. They’re still trying to sell us things, of course, but also make the world a better place.

Or maybe trying to sell by telling us they’re making the world a better place – confusion reigns (here at least).

The mighty Google’s motto from the start has been ‘Don’t be Evil’ although some privacy campaigners would say that’s run out of steam these days. Now Google, with accountants Ernst & Young and banker Citigroup (both of whom have some skeletons rattling around in their cupboards from the financial crisis) are backing the ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender’ communities with a new campaign called ‘Legalise Love.’

Among other things, it’s attempt to highlight the privations of LBGT people (as we now have to call them) around the world, including persecution in many countries. Very similar to the Kaleidoscope Trust campaign from M&C Saatchi in the UK we highlighted recently but, being Google, rather bigger.

Google actually has a good record in this field, being one of the first companies to offer the same benefits to same sex partners. It also refers to its LBGT staff as ‘Gayglers,’ which is quite neat and doesn’t seem to annoy too many of them although you’re never quite sure about these things.

So Legalise Love is obviously a Good Thing. It just makes you a bit uneasy sometimes when big companies, who seem to rule ever more of our lives, mount their bully pulpits, even in a good cause.

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