Gocompare and new agency Dare kill off Gio Compario – but who are they advertising to?

Price comparison website Gocompare.com has moved its account from indie creative team Chris Wilkins and Sian Vickers to Dare (which used to handle rival operation Moneysupermarket.com, now at Mother).

And it’s decided to kill off its signature tenor Gio Compario (in truth some Welsh bloke), otherwise why change agencies?

So this is its new ad, depicting Gio being nixed by an RPG-style device fired, it transpires, by BBC presenter Sue Barker. Well it is Wimbledon and Sue is a former top tennis player.

On the one hand this doubtless seems like an elegant transition from one campaign to another, and we wait to see what what Dare’s big idea is. On the other it’s a screaming waste of airtime, who gives a fuck about the noisy tenor?

But price comparison clients turn good agencies to bad. Even VCCP’s meerkats are looking past their sell-by date for Comparethemarket.com. And as for Mother’s ads for Moneysupermarket…

Update 5.7.2012

The ad has received over 40 complaints since airing just two days ago, complainants saying it’s offensive and will encourage children to aim RPGs at their enemies. Should’ve stayed with Chris and Sian chaps.

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