Fold7’s ‘The Crate Escape’ for Carlsberg goes global

Uk agency Fold7 isn’t as famous as Heineken’s Wieden+Kennedy or Coors’ line-up of VCCP in the UK and newly-formed Team WPP (aka Cavalry) in the US but it seems to be winning the lion’s share of the world’s fourth-largest brewer Carlsberg.

Here’s the latest in its “that Calls for a Carlsberg’ campaign featuring a spin on the wartime film classic called ‘The Crate Escape,’ set to go whizzing round the world in August.

All implausible tosh of course (well it is a beer ad) but it’s quite reassuring to see beer drinkers depicted as ordinary blokes as opposed to fashionistas with the wrong drink.

The creatives were Ryan Newey and John Yorke and the film was directed by Peter Lydon for 76 Ltd.

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