Fiat’s new US ‘Immigrants’ ad has a sting in the tail

Fiat-owned Chrysler has won most of the plaudits going for its campaign featuring, inter alia, Eminem and Clint Eastwood from Wieden+Kennedy.

Fiat’s efforts for its own cars in America have been, by contrast, a car crash, most notably the awful ads featuring Jennifer Lopez. Which resulted in the abrupt departures of some Fiat marketing executives and didn’t do La Lopez much good either.

However it’s bouncing back with this nice ‘Immigrants’ spot for the Fiat 500 from The Richards Group, showing a new wave of Italian immigrants. The previous (human) lot weren’t known entirely for their cuddly properties which the film seems to studiously avoid with the cheesy sign-off “the next generation of Italians is come (sic) to America and they’ve come to party.”

Until you look closely at the last few frames. Brave or what?

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