Euro RSCG’s Gerry Moira tries hand at a real film for National Gallery blockbuster Titian exhibition

The National Gallery in London’s eagerly-awaited Titian exhibition opens later this week (“the best paintings in the world” – Lucian Freud) and sponsor Credit Suisse has enlisted Euro RSCG to make a film promoting it.

It’s called Metamorhosis after Ovid’s poem which features (among other episodes) the cautionary tale of Diana, the chaste goddess of hunting, and an unfortunate hunter Actaeon who happens to catch her at her ablutions.

The incident has been updated to an English country house with Diana played by the smouldering Anna Friel (it’s what she does) and Actaeon by Downton Abbey actor Ed Speelers. It was written by UK adland veteran Gerry Moira, who’s now chairman and director of creativity (which means not creative director, presumably) at Euro RSCG.

And it’s very good.

The art director was Dave Burn (bet he had to kill to get this job or buy a lot of drinks anyway) and the director Tell No One (aka Luke White and Remi Weekes). The production company was Ski.

Perhaps yet another career in film awaits the much-travelled Moira (left), who’s one of UK adland’s favourite wits.

Go Gerry!

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