Business Insider has named us (OK, me) as one of the adworld’s 22 most influential bloggers

Which is very nice, so thanks to them.

We like Business Insider too, especially as it employs that prince among hacks Jim Edwards who’s so good at unearthing gems about the marcoms giants’ cunning wheezes.

Here’s what they say.

Why we like it: If excessive detail about the ins and outs of the U.K. adbiz is what you need, then More About Advertising is the place to be. There are a host of items that don’t appear in normal news sites. (For example, did you know Eric Newnham, formerly of Kinetic, might be going to Talon?) It’s not winning any design awards, but author Stephen Foster is an ad press vet and the whole thing has an insider feel.

We might quibble with some of this but there you go. From memory I think we’re the only UK site there apart from Wieden+Kennedy’s UK blog. And it’s an honour, of course, to be in the company of such as the fabulous George Parker of Adscam.

But credit should also be given to my partners in misdemeanour Stuart Smith, Paul Simons, Becky Wilkie and that woman of mystery Angie Dean. And our regular readers who range from Arif Durrani at Brand Republic to the comms staff and legal counsel of the world’s biggest marcoms companies. Who tend only to get in touch when they’re annoyed about something. And you, of course.

Maybe Business Insider’s shrewd judgement might cut some ice with Googlers (or Gayglers as some of them are known) who still won’t put MAA on Google News!

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About Stephen Foster

Stephen is a former editor of Marketing Week and London Evening Standard advertising columnist. He wrote City Republic for Brand Republic and is a partner in communications consultancy The Editorial Partnership.