Brand Toys says Leo Burnett’s a panda, JWT’s a monkey and DDB is a one-eyed bird

We’re used to having companies depicted as animals but Brand Toys renders them as toys (as it would). And the researchers there have been applying their grey cells to ad agencies at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

They all look pretty similar to me but apparently the size of the ears show how much ‘chatter’ they provoked at Cannes and the stance of the legs how trustworthy they are deemed to be (they’re all standing so they can’t be that bad). The full article with examples (in addition to the above, Wieden+Kennedy is a fox, BBH a cool dude in shades while McCann is a mule, or something like it) is here.

And this is what it all means.

Why is DDB a one-eyed bird? Not a reference to combative global CCO Amir Kassaei (who accused other agencies of deliberately voting against his) surely?

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    Is it just me or are these extremely dumb animals? And for the record: Brand Toys is part of JWT. And Millward Brown (another WPP company) provided the research, with help from a tiny Canadian start-up named Social Mention (about to be bought by WPP, no doubt). Talk about a big, dumb idea!

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    and people in marketing wonder why it is they don’t get taken seriously.