BBH launches global Sprite campaign ‘Camouflage’

Bartle Bogle Hegarty, which has just been wholly-acquired by former part-owner Publicis Groupe, is demonstrating its global capabilities with the launch of this new ‘Camouflage’ campaign for Coca-Cola’s Sprite.

The campaign emanated in BBH Shanghai with the involvement of BBH New York and was shot in Prague in the Czech Republic, and you can get much more global than that. The campaign is also being titled ‘Camo’ on YouTube and elsewhere, camouflage being one of those tricksy English words. So that’s a bit global too.

It shows how Sprite brings people to life, revealing their true selves according to Coca-Cola.

The copywriters were Jordan Kramer, Jay Qian and Leo Zhang and the art directors Andre Massis and Jeffrey Sun. The film was directed by Peter Thwaites of UK production company Gorgeous.

Coca-Cola also described the campaign as ‘pure BBH,’ which indeed it is. The girl who comes to meet the revivified hero could have wandered in from an Axe shoot on the neighbouring set in ever-popular Prague. But it also shows that global fizzy drinks campaigns don’t need to major on music and footballers.

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