Win it for us Wayne, says Wieden+Kennedy in ‘My Time Is Now’ England crunch game ad add-on

They’re brave people at Wieden+Kennedy London, producing a new UK ad to ride on the back of the agency’s much-lauded “My Time Is Now’ campaign for the Euro 2012 football fest.

Why? Because it features Wayne Rooney, serial under-achiever at big tournaments but due to return for England tonight in the crunch group game with co-hosts Ukraine, in which England need a point to progress to the quarter-finals.

I listened to some of the BBC’s 606 football phone-in on Saturday when fan after fan said that Rooney was a liability, that England should stick with up-and-coming Danny Welbeck and Andy Carroll (only one of whom will play if Rooney is recalled).

The professionals, Robbie Savage and Bolton’s Kevin Davies, demurred (if the noisy Savage could ever demur).

But Rooney ain’t popular with most UK football fans. If manager Roy Hodgson recalls him and he flops – or, worse, gets sent off when some Ukrainian plants a boot in his groin, as they surely will – then Nike and W+K London might regret this timely and clever add-on to their campaign.

But fortune favours the brave. Doesn’t it?


Well England won and Wayne scored, even though he didn’t play very well (near the end he tried to dribble round three Ukrainians in his own half when all he had to do was roll the ball the another England shirt).

But well done W+K. What’s in store for the quarter final then?

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