Wieden+Hegarty on why creative chaos works best

What an agency that would have been.

Here are Wieden+Kennedy co-founder Dan Wieden (left) and Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s Sir John Hegarty at Cannes describing ’30 years of Creative Chaos’ at last week’s festival.

The two agencies were set up three days apart in !982, Hegarty says he first became aware of W+K in 1987 with its first ‘Just Do It’ work for Nike (and that he had to resort to an atlas to find where Portland, Oregon was). Wieden said he first noticed BBH when the famous Levi’s Laundrette ad appeared two years earlier. How do you know someone else’s ad is really good? When you really, really hate it because you didn’t do it, says Hegarty.

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