‘Unofficial’ Rolex effort tops UK poll of most engaging Facebook pages

An unofficial Rolex page has topped the charts in the second quarterly Facebook Engagement Index (FEI). The page devoted to the luxury watch manufacturer was followed by Thomas Cook, Warburtons and Bosch in an analysis of the top 250 super brands by iProspect, the UK performance marketing agency.

The same Rolex page, produced by an enterprising online jeweller, is the only brand other than PG Tips to remain in the top ten, showing a lack of consistency by big brands according to FEI.

The iProspect FEI, launched earlier this year, claims to be first survey to measure engagement. It is based on Facebook’s two core metrics: ‘Fans’ and ‘People talking about this,’ showing how many of a brand’s ‘fans’ are actually interacting with it. FEI says this demonstrates a brand’s actual influence, rather than just its (often bought) fan base.

The unofficial Rolex page topped the table with 10.8 per cent engagement, indicating that around one in ten of its fans had actively responded to a page in the previous seven days, either by liking, commenting, posting, responding to polls or sending RSVPs.

The page was closely followed by Thomas Cook with a score of 10.1 per cent, Warburtons at 9.1 per cent, Bosch at 8.6 per cent and the Royal Albert Hall with an engagement figure of eight per cent. Stella Artois, last quarter top entry PG Tips, O2, Audi and Bentley were also in the top ten.

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