The secrets of a McDonald’s ad – according to the world’s most personable marketer

McDonald’s is running a campaign in Canada called ‘Our Food Your Questions’, trying to show that its burgers are packed full of good stuff. A party called Isobel wants to know why the burgers in the ads look different from the burgers in the restaurants and this film shows why (they bring all the ingredients to the front, the real buns shrink in the container and little ‘accidents’ are removed to show the burgers in the best light). Well that’s honest anyway.

But the real star of the show is Hope Bagozzi (she has to be a star with a name like that), director of marketing for McDonald’s Canada. She will clearly end up running the world, she reminds me of a younger version of the IMF’s Christine Lagarde (who runs the world at the moment).

The film has had six million or so hits on YouTube although comments, interestingly, are disabled.

When I worked in Clerkenwell Burger King used to shoot all its press and poster ads in a studio there and they insisted on shooting a burger exactly as it was in the restaurant. The only trouble was that, in those days, the nearest branch was King’s Cross, about a mile and a half away, so a motorcycle rider had to roar down Pentonville Road and St John’s Street to get the damn thing there in about two minutes, thereby endangering the lives and limbs of anyone in the vicinity.

So maybe McD’s bit of photoshopping is the most sensible solution.

Here’s Ms Bagozzi, for those of you who haven’t watched the film.

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