Sweden and US both win Cannes Cyber Grand Prix

Nike Fuelband and Curators of Sweden have both won Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes, the winning agencies being R/GA New York and Volontaire Stockholm respectively.

Nike Fuelband tells you how far you’ve run, how many calories you’ve burned and (probably) whether or not a heart attack awaits you round the next corner. It all looks rather tiring.

Curators of Sweden is the outfit behind a Visit Sweden campaign based on handing a Twitter account to ‘ordinary’ Swedes, the first time a national Twitter account has been so generous, apparently.

Cyber Jury head Iain Tait, now of Google Creative Lab, latterly of Wieden+Kennedy, says:”Both winners almost bookend the industry. At the one end @Sweden is very simple, very smart, very brave. Handing over the voice of Sweden to the people says so much about Sweden as a country. It doesn’t have many layers in terms of complexity of message, but the more you think about it, the more exciting it is. It doesn’t necessarily look like a Grand Prix winner, but we all had a lot of love for this piece of work.

“Nike Fuelband was the polar opposite, a huge, ambitious piece of work that had a lot of research and software development, but again, it’s something that is part of people’s everyday lives and really changes the relationship people have with Nike as a brand.”

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