National Lottery and AMV/BBDO tug the heartstrings for UK Olympic athletes

It’s all getting too exciting isn’t it? The Olympics, that is.

Well maybe, maybe not but adland’s finest are doing their damndest to get us all going and here’s the UK’s biggest agency AMV/BBDO putting on its ‘Chariots of Fire’ cloak in a new spot for the National Lottery.

You have to look quite hard for a UK ad that isn’t a ‘life’s journey/rites of passage’ epic these days (is it the John Lewis factor or just longer films?) but this is a good example of the genre anyway. And it makes a perfectly valid point about the National Lottery’s support of UK athletes (without it we probably wouldn’t have a team at all).

The copywriter was Alex Grieve and the art director Adrian Rossi. It was directed by Martin de Thurah for Academy.

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