More showers in the rain-sodden UK – this time from DDB for Harvey Nichols

We all love the the sales of course but sometimes the nature of the excitement is hard to describe.

So we’ll leave it to DDB London to describe the thinking behind its new campaign (already described as ‘disgusting’ on Twitter) for the sale at posh Knightsbridge store Harvey Nichols.

Today DDB UK unveils its new campaign for the Harvey Nichols Summer Sale, which sees them having a little fun with the colloquial phrase ‘I was so excited, I nearly wet myself!’ Harvey Nichols is famous for its fantastic and exciting Sale, when customers can pick up the most exclusive pieces at much reduced prices.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign, illustrated through four different executions, features models striking poses dressed in items from the current Harvey Nichols Spring Summer 2012 collections alongside a line that reads “The Harvey Nichols Sale. Try to contain your excitement”. Tell-tale wet patches on the models’ outfits suggest that they have struggled to do just that.

And here’s the evidence to prove it.

Whatever next? It seems to be a soggy summer all round in the UK this year. The creative team was Nikki Lindman and Toby Brewer. The photos were retouched by the way, so that’s a relief.

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    The wankers responsible for this piece of shit should be taken behind the bicycle shed and beaten with an old inner tube until they wet themselves. Then they should be banned from the ad biz for life. Bill Bernbach would have had them thrown off the roof of the building.
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker