Effie Index provides a timely boost for WPP’s bloodied Sir Martin Sorrell

It might seem a little counter-intuitive to announce the global Effie ‘Effectiveness Index’ winners at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity but then, as my colleague Stephen Foster points out, Cannes has become such a monster event it serves as global launchpad for virtually any marketing services event these days. So, before becoming immersed in a week-long self-congratulatory orgy of advertising creativity, let’s just remind ourselves of those advertisers, brands and agencies that actually bring home the bacon:

Unilever is the most effective advertiser;
McDonald’s is the most effective brand;
WPP Group is the most effective advertising holding company;
Ogilvy & Mather is the most effective advertising agency network;
Ogilvy & Mather (Mumbai) is the most effective individual agency office;
McKinney (Durham, North Carolina, USA) is the most effective independently held advertising agency.

Yes, I was wondering about that last one, too. It recently appeared in ‘The Pitch’, AMC’s unscripted programme in which two agencies vie over seven days for a piece of business, in this case Subway restaurants. McKinney won. It’s notable for its Audi A3 campaign, Art of the Heist, which garnered two Effies and a Cannes Lion. And also for something called ‘connection planning,’ which I take to mean an integrationist skill that ensures campaigns work smoothly across all channels.

Good for McKinney, I say. But I do have a qualification. Last year’s winner in this category was the slightly more universally recognised Wieden & Kennedy of Portland, Oregon. Now, I’m all for merit making its way to the forefront without having to await Buggin’s Turn. But I also look for consistency in results. The Effie Effectiveness Index, which is sponsored by insight portal WARC and compiled from 39 individual national Effie competitions, was only inaugurated last year and therefore lacks granular historical perspective. That said, there is a repeat winner this year: McDonald’s, with the most effective brand accolade. Here, for quick reference, is last year’s roll of honour:

Procter & Gamble was the most effective advertiser;
McDonald’s was the most effective brand;
Omnicom was the most effective advertising holding company;
BBDO Worldwide was the most effective agency network;
Sancho BBDO (Bogota, Colombia) was the most effective agency office;
Wieden & Kennedy (Portland, Oregon, USA) was the most effective independent advertising agency.

I don’t suppose that Sir Martin Sorrell (left) will be worrying too much about historical perspective, as he wipes the blood away from his nose following his pay disagreement with WPP’s shareholders. One way or another, WPP has collared most of this year’s top Effies. So, he is worth it, after all.

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