Diesel dogs show off their feminine side

Never work with animals and children the late, great, curmudgeonly WC Fields used to say. Good advice London agency Poke seems to have ignored in its latest work for Diesel Eyewear, which features 4 dogs poncing about in sunglasses.

Why dogs? Well: “Using people seemed like it could be cheesy. Using canine models seemed like much more fun. Working with production company White Lodge, we put together a shoot with four top dogs who showed off the sunglasses’ character with aplomb, hanging out just as human models would on a high-concept fashion shoot. Except with a vet nearby to make sure everything was going smoothly,” the agency tells us. Yeah, right. There’s also some spiel about highlighting the brand’s “shift towards feminine values”, whatever they may be:

And how did they pull it off? Sausages, held just off screen. Works a treat. Although, you can’t be too careful with dogs. The one in the last segment is apparently a bit of a tough hombre. If you laugh at him, he bites. Maybe Fields was right.

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