DHL and 180 Amsterdam deliver Man U to the world

Blimey, they’re in demand those Manchester United boys.

No sooner has Chevrolet announced that it’s going to sponsor all the Man U bits apart from the shirts than up pops DHL to trumpet its role as the club’s ‘official logistics partner’ in this ‘Speed of Yellow’ global campaign from 180 Amsterdam.

Just to underline the point that DHL is good at moving stuff, there are also references to its role in helping to move the Formula 1 motor racing circus around the world too.

180 ECD Al Moseley says: “This is not another celebration of a sponsorship but a demonstration of a true partnership between global brands. DHL actually moves Formula 1 around the world and has helped Manchester United become the world’s most supported club. It’s only because DHL is the most international company in the world that it can do this. The work tries to capture the energy and excitement of these phenomenal partnerships.”

The copywriter was Ben Hartman and the art director Stephen Hancock. It was directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet for Partizan.

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