Deutsch thinks small for Snapple, supports ‘mini’ Darth Vader actor Max Page

One of the posers for the judges at next week’s Cannes adfest will be deciding between commercials that are like commercials – that is, thirty seconds or so of sales pitch – and mini-films lasting two or three minutes and intended mainly for online distribution.

It’s surprising in a way that Cannes, always keen for more money-making categories, hasn’t divided its film section into 30s, 60s and longer efforts. You’ve clearly more opportunity to display your creative talents in a longer format.

But you can do a lot in a little too, as this new campaign from Deutsch for Snapple clearly shows.

Deutsch has also told me that Max Page, the seven year-old boy who played the ‘mini’ Darth Vader in the agency’s multi-awarded ‘The Force’ commercial for Volkwagen is undergoing open heart surgery today. Max was born with a congenital heart defect and the surgery will replace his pulmonary valve and fix a hole in his heart.

Deutsch is inviting Max’s many friends in the business to contribute to a a fund at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital to help other children with heart problems. Details are here.

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