Cannes despatches: Everyone’s mad about Twitter

When the entire advertising industry descends on Cannes for its yearly party pilgrimage, you know it’s going to get social. Everybody’s here to ‘meet and greet’ (and to share magnums of rosé apparently) but for the first time, in a big way, they’re here to tweet too. The giant Twitter hash tag splashed across the Palais says it all: it’s not just about getting sociable this year, but getting social media savvy.

Paul Adams (left), global head of brand design at Facebook, is calling the integration of social media in our lives the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. A pretty big claim, but, as he argues, Facebook, like the revolution, or the invention of the car, is already transforming society and commerce in a big way.

His talk – ‘The Psychology and Creativity of Sharing’ – on Tuesday afternoon saw queues snaking around two floors of the Palais, forcing many people to find viewing screens elsewhere as the auditorium quickly reached full capacity. As Adams urged the industry to use Facebook as a canvas and to make social interaction a fundamental part of creative there’s no doubt a lot of ears were pricked, but there seems to be a general feeling of panic as to how to go about it. Perhaps the eagerly awaited Twitter conference on Wednesday will shed some light on the options available.

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