Bad boy advertiser Go Daddy moves to Deutsch

Deutsch New York has been awarded one of the year’s most intriguing tasks, US domain name and web hosting company Go Daddy which has been aggravating a big chunk of the US with its home-produced ads for seven years now.

Not that Go Daddy minds, it claims to have gained half the new domain name market in that time. Here’s its most recent Super Bowl effort.

So will Go Daddy be going all respectable with Deutsch?

“We are teaming up with Deutsch because we think the team there ‘gets us’ and can help take Go Daddy to the next level,” says Go Daddy CMO Barb Rechterman. “They understand our story and we think working with Deutsch is going to be an important step in Go Daddy’s brand evolution.”

Not much of a clue there. Here’s Deutsch NY CEO Val DiFebo: “We see this as a tremendous opportunity to take Go Daddy, one of the most recognizable Super Bowl advertiser brands, or Internet brands for that matter, and make it relevant for what it does. Go Daddy has a phenomenal growth story and delivers a brand of service unlike any of its competitors. Our challenge is to tell that story in a way that it still fun and edgy, but showcases more of Go Daddy’s specific offerings.”

Go Daddy’s first campaign through Deutsch will break in NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. Sweaty girls, beach volleyball? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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