Vitek Vodka sends up Polish connection in new JayGrey campaign

Sending yourself up is a fine and generous quality, wholeheartedly adopted by Vitek Vodka and Sydney’s JayGrey in this campaign for Vitek Vodka and its new choice of in fusions. It shows a number of Polish Vitek employees making a thorough hash of their hobbies (a guy who grows big bonzai trees, a vet who gets eaten by a snake etc) with the line ‘Distilled by peasants, drunk by royalty,’ which might also be deemed contentious if you’re a Pole. Here’s the ‘Captain Bonzai’ TV ad.

Brand owner Vitek Czernuzyn (who sounds Polish) says: “We love working with JayGrey. They’re smart, well-organized and great partners. Most creative people have a well-defined creative process which can sometimes be difficult for an outsider to accommodate. However JayGrey makes it their business to involve you in a continuous process of check and balance – eliminating surprises and making you feel that you’re a valid part of the finished product.”

Agency creative director Jay Furby wrote and art directed the campaign. It was directed by Simon Macrae for Orange Whip Films.

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