‘Two iPhones walk into a bar…I forget the rest’ – Apple’s Siri turns joker for John Malkovitch

Everybody’s always looking for the next big thing from Apple but maybe it’s here already. The iPhone’s very own concierge Siri turns joker in this latest TBWA Chiat Day iPhone campaign starring actor john Malkovitch in world-weary mode.

We all know that mobiles are taking over our lives, whether we like it or not. Maybe Siri’s the device that puts humans back on top.

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    I don’t get it. Someone please explain.

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    I think it’s a reference to the iPhones that have been left in bars prior to their release

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    @Shawn: I think the joke is she is one of the iPhones who did it. After walking into the bar, she got drunk and forgot everything that happened.

    I apologize if that wasn’t a serious comment, but I was actually wondering about the joke myself. That is my interpretation of it.

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    ‘Two iPhones walk into a bar. I forget the rest.’ – It’s a play on the idea of the word ‘bar.’ In the first part, you assume the bar as a physical place. In the punch line, the bar means phone reception.

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    I interpreted the joke as a play on the apple genius bar,

    Two iPhones walk into a bar [Apple’s genius bar]
    I forget the rest [The ONLY thing the “Genius bar” does, format and reload the iPhones as the solution to the problem.]

    Well played apple 🙂

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    “Two i phones walk into a bar, i forget the rest” its funny because if you’re an i phone, you don’t forget anything, cause you can just look it up

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    I think a better question is why does Malcovitch start laughing before the phone finises saying iPhone. He starts about the time siri says “2 iph”.

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    the truth is, it’s not funny!

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    It is a failed joke. The reference is either so esoteric that it can’t be easily explained (as is evidenced by the various theories presented here), or only an Apple dweeb (and I qualify) would get it (and I don’t). It was a poor choice to include in the ad. The ad director was stupid to use it. The script should have had a re-write.

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    It’s because the iPhone was first discovered by the public when an Apple designer went out drinking and “forgot” the iphone at a bar. I do however like reading all the imaginative guesses everyone here has lol

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    I agree with Brad, he starts laughing before he hears the joke!
    He’s a great actor?