Tony Blair’s ‘huge strategic brain’ Alastair Campbell joins Tim Allan at Omnicom

Well he sort of is, former Downing Street comms chief Alastair Campbell (pictured) is going to work as a consultant for one of his former underlings, Portland PR boss Tim Allan who sold a majority stake to Omnicom in April.

For once Campbell’s career timing doesn’t look too good. He says he’s been thinking about teaming up again with Allan for ages but it’s too late to get any shares in the company now.

Campbell, who wrote a best-selling diary about his time in Downing Street, is to work for Portland as a part-time consultant. but that doesn’t seem to have reduced the hype.

Here’s Campbell: “In this economic climate, and despite all the negative definitions of spin, strategic comms is really important. It’s something that Britain, as an industry, does well. So many organisations are tactical when what they need is strategy. I have an understanding of strategy that is pretty profound.” Well you said it Al.

And Allan: ‘Alastair is unique..he has a huge strategic brain and an extraordinary ability to make things happen. He brings our clients truly world class strategic advice and is an invaluable coach and mentor to our team.”

As Tony Blair’s comms supremo Campbell was notorious for losing it with errant hacks who refused to toe the party line, so his meetings with Portland’s clients (and the hacks who write about them) should be diverting. Rumours abound that Blair is thinking of making some kind of return to British politics (as president?). Maybe he’ll become Alastair’s first client at Portland.

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