TBWA Toronto and Olive Media claim a first for app-style iPad Infiniti ad – because it isn’t an app

We all know that ‘experience a product’ apps are increasingly popular with advertisers, particularly carmakers who can create a virtual showroom for their wares.

The trouble is, you have a to download an app, which a lot of people can’t be bothered to do, or don’t want to do as they have enough of the damn things cluttering up their iPads anyway.

But TBWA Toronto, mobile media specialist Olive Media and media agency OMD claim to have produced the first iPad ad, for Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti, which does all those app things like a touchscreen ‘walkround,’ without an app.

“OMD, TBWA and Infiniti believe, like we do, in the opportunities that tablet devices present and in pushing the envelope to create cutting edge creative experiences,” says Deborah Hall, Head of Mobile at Olive Media. “We teamed up with littleroom.ca (digital agency) to push ourselves to produce an ad unit that is a global first of its kind with extraordinary interactivity that promises to deliver exceptionally high user engagement.”

Well there you go, enough to chill the hearts of all those app developers banking on a fortune from mobile.

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