So will AMV/BBDO’s new BlackBerry campaign have you rushing to the shops to buy one?

One of the hardest jobs in adland is plugging a piece of technology that the techosphere (which increasingly means most target consumers) has already decided is pants.

Wieden+Kennedy in London lost the Nokia account last year when, despite some massive displays of ingenuity, it found itself advertising Nokia attributes that were hardly mainstream and, in some cases, barely comprehensible. I see that BBDO has just won the newly-combined Hewlett-Packard account in the US. But it will have W+K’s problem: how do you advertise something else when everybody wants an iPhone, iPad or Mac?

Actually you do what Samsung does with the Galaxy Note, advertise a cheaper iPad.

Anyway, we digress a little. RIM’s BlackBerry is in deep trouble, having lost its status as the businessman’s friend and then the savvy teenie’s aid of choice to the iPhone. But the UK’s AMV/BBDO (usually a safe pair of hands in extremis or otherwise) has been charged with producing a global campaign. And here it is, ‘People of Power.’

So you’re a doer with a BlackBerry and a couch potato-style muppet if you don’t have one? To answer our question above, it won’t.

Would an Apple-style ad showing the BlackBerry’s features have worked better (bearing in mind what we said about W+K’s Nokia efforts earlier)? Maybe. Or we could be charitable and assume that this is a kind of holding action, reassurance for BlackBerry customers that it’s still there, with a bit of flattery: ‘you’re an in-control person, unlike those lemmings who buy iPhones.’

Apparently there’s another ad on the way soon, which may have something relevant to say.

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