Is new Karmarama Pilgrim’s Choice campaign barking mad and brilliant or just barking?

On the face of it, the last thing you’d expect from Pilgrim’s Choice cheddar cheese is a campaign featuring a ‘mini cowboy’ in potentially hazardous everyday scenarios, like being threatened by a domestic cat (in the second ad).

The first question that comes to mind is how the FCUK did agency Karmarama persuade the client to buy that? The second, maybe it should be the first, is, where the hell did they get that idea from?

Regarding the latter, I guess someone must have recalled that in old westerns there’s often a grizzled trail scout or whomever who refers dismissively to greenhorns from the east as ‘pilgrims.’ But it’s not exactly the The Canterbury Tales is it? Which is no doubt what Karmarama was trying to avoid.

The campaign is called ‘Good Choice.’

So are they barking mad and brilliant or just barking? The copywriter was Richard Connell and the art director Clement Woodward. Both films were directed (very nicely) by Jeff Low for Biscuit Filmworks.

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    This is great work isn’t it? Whether it sells more cheese remains to be seen but the ad industry can cheer people up in these straightened times and this certainly does. Deserves to work for a brave and inspirational client. Good luck…I’m off to make myself a P cheese sandwich.