Pepsi ‘Live for Now’ campaign from Omnicom goes for beautiful people and a tune

Well here it is, Omnicom’s first ad for Pepsi’s new global ‘Live for Now’ campaign. Called ‘Life in a Moment’ it’s a bizarre mix of CGI, freeze-frame, beautiful people (including possibly the biggest collection of models in history) and performer Nicki Minaj.

In this long version (the 30-second ad is basically the last 30 of this, prefaced by our beautiful duo swigging Pepsi) there’s is quite a lot of soft drink consumption as well as Pepsi’s bigged up ‘music platform’ stuff.

The campaign’s a combined effort from Omnicom’s TBWA (formerly the US agency) and BBDO (rest of the world). What can you say? The agency (agencies) has obviously spent a lot of money and, in production terms at least, spent it pretty wisely. But this ‘beautiful people and a tune’ stuff is pretty old hat. Will it cut it with today’s supposedly ad-savvy teenies?

Frankly my dear, I don’t have a clue.

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