Now Wieden+Kennedy London takes its turn for Nike in Euro 2012 penalty shootout

W+K Amsterdam scored mightily for Nike (and itself) with 2010’s ‘Write the Future’ World Cup epic for Nike (including the Cannes Film Grand Prix) and Now W+K London steps up to the penalty spot, hoping to find the corner of the net just as Didier Drogba did for Chelsea with the winning penalty in the Champion’s League final on Saturday.

That match saw the debut of W+K London’s Euro 2012 ‘My Time is Now’ effort and, nearly nine million YouTube hits later in less than three days, it seems to have hit the spot.

It’s pretty much a case of cramming every Nike football ‘property’ into one ad (including basketballer LeBron James for some reason) in what looks like adland’s version of the Eton Wall Game as all the wannabees invade the pitch. The strategy’s obvious enough but extremely well done; to use an analogy from another sport, what you can’t do on these occasions is drop the ball.

The acid test for the ever-demanding Nike may be the online activity it hopes will ensue, hence the rather mystifying reference to ‘tunnels’ at the end (tunnels to other online content it seems).

Will we all be fed up with it, come the end of the Euros? Probably not, spotting all the various players (and managers) is quite good fun. Where are the English players though, W+K London? Don’t you think we’re going to win?

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