Mother launches UK reading crusade with The Singing Alphabet app

London creative agency Mother is launching a smartphone app called ‘The Singing Alphabet,’ the latest development in its Ministry of Letters children’s entertainment project which aims to foster a love of literacy in children.

The Singing Alphabet majors on the idea that the alphabet is alive, highly organised and made up of a gang of unique, colourful male and female characters.

In the app the 26 members of the alphabet are shown waiting on stage ready to perform for the user. Children touch a letter to hear it sing its ‘phonetic’ sound. By continuing to press the characters, simple words can be created at the bottom of the screen and the child becomes a composer by creating their own unique tunes.

The Singing Alphabet app aims to get children playing with, and enjoying, letters and words rather than teaching them phonics. It was developed under the guidance of Samantha Mennell, a former teacher and educational expert, who now heads up the Ministry’s educational department.

Mennell says: “Our aim is to excite young children about the endless possibilities that those 26 characters in the alphabet offer and the lifetime’s worth of entertainment, knowledge and pleasure it can lead to. We wanted to take advantage of tablet technology to explore the exciting fact that our alphabet is alive and able to interact with children. We hope that this interactive experience will increase their enjoyment of, and interest in, the alphabet and what can be done with it.”

Mother is being rather a good mum at the moment. Mother New York has also been demonstrating the agency’s enthusiasm for reading with a campaign for Book People Unite, a project aimed at persuading American kids to read.

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