Master of understatement VW strikes again with power of engineering pitch from Deutsch

Mars has won the best advertiser gong at this year’s Cannes International Festival of Creativity (maybe because it’s there, Mars that is) but Cannes could save itself a lot of bother by just giving it to Volkswagen every year.

VW’s advertising is quite remarkable and here are two more extravagantly understated US ads from Deutsch (DDB handles VW in most markets) plugging its safety features and the ‘Power of German Engineering.’

The copywriter was Matt Sherman and the art director Paul Oberlin. The films were directed by Simon McQuoid for Imperial Woodpecker.

The ‘Power of German Engineering’ line is interesting. Sister brand Audi has recently decided to try to give ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ a refresh in a new corporate campaign and now big brother VW is going a step further than just ‘Das Auto.’

Other big carmakers like Ford are trying hard to encroach on the Germans’ reputation for engineering supremacy and this seems to be a response. It wouldn’t work in a typical, aspirational car ad but VW’s far too well-mannered for that.

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