Madison Avenue’s finest get their kit on for Forbes

OK darlings, here we go. Forbes magazine has persuaded (bet it didn’t require much) some of Madison Avenue’s finest to parade in their best kit for an article The Real-Life Mad Men (And Women) of 2012. There’s a slide show in the link.

It’s quite hard not to look or sound a prat in these things but they mostly succeed in evading the trap. Still it’s no mean feat to persuade AKQA’s Ajaz Ahmed to don a jacket and tie. Our favourite is Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal’s formidable Lori Senecal (pictured, it’s not Ajaz), striding panther-like along what looks like a posh subway.

Lori bases her style on Apple, she says, and dines every Friday at the bar of Nobu (don’t ask her for a job though). Her Caroline Herrera frock cost $2490, her Prada purse (is this American for handbag?) rather more at $2820 while her Bally shoes come in at a bargain $595.

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