Kellogg’s revamps with ‘Let’s make today great’

Brand owners rather than brands are becoming the stars in 2012 with Procter & Gamble emerging from its Cincinnati fastness to feature in its own ads, Unilver continuing its high profile sustainability programme and others like PepsiCo trying to make itself synonymous with music.

Now dear old Kellogg’s, 90 years old this year (106 if you include its previous incarnation), has gone in for a corporate retread (including new logo) courtesy of ‘Project Signature’ (the logo presumably) through Interbrand. Flogging breakfasts isn’t easy these days so the exercise revolves around a new corporate line ‘Let’s make today great.’ Rather confusingly Kellogg’s doesn’t seem to have released any artwork yet with the new line on it (maybe it’s a bit long) so the one up there is a recruitment banner from Facebook. There’s an ad cum corporate film from digital agency VML here.

Kellogg’s brands include Corn Flakes, Mini-Wheats, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Special K, Eggo, Nutri-Grain, and Pop Tarts. The company is sponsoring eight US athletes in this summer’s London Olympics.

Here’s Kellogg’s CMO Mark Baynes: “One goal was to drive absolute clarity and alignment around the purpose of the Kellogg’s brand and what it stood for, and the second was to align and create a fresh identity system for the Kellogg’s brand that accompanied all our executions around the world.

“As part of the company Kellogg piece (not sure what this means) and the way we’re investing in new digital platforms and tech to drive from the consumer experience, we’ve just consolidated 42 Kellogg company sites down to one company site so that had to have its own identity system and clear architecture of what it was standing for, and at the same time the Kellogg’s brand site, we needed to make sure that that identity system was separate and unique as well.

“At the heart we talked about a belief and we believe – and you’d expect this from our heritage of 100 years – that a better breakfast leads to a better day. But the emotive point that we can leverage is each day really represents a fresh start to realize life’s possibilities, and as a result, we exist to fuel better days and better lives for everyone we touch.”

Underneath the ‘orrible corporate-speak it all seems quite sensible, which isn’t always the way with these things.

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