It’s naming day for Kraft’s Mondelez today – just don’t try saying it in Russia

Why not? Apparently Mondelez (Kraft’s name for its new spun-off snacks company) sounds like the Russian word for oral sex. Which should trigger a few ideas from the fertile minds of creatives working on the notorious Cadbury’s Flake account.

Kraft shareholders are voting on the already widely-derided name today, just as Yell’s will be doing on hibu soon (see my colleague Stuart Smith’s story). No doubt Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld (pictured) will be telling the assembled investors that you pronounce it Mon-dah-leez, which is not how you pronounce the handy Russian term apparently. You pronounce that like most of us would pronounce Mondelez.

Kraft chose to dispense with the services of a design company for this one, preferring to run an in-house competition. Would the brand experts have picked up this potential problem? They’d probably have chosen something else – like the equally ludicrous hibu.

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