Hugo Boss boss plugs Beijing fashion show app

Talk about a connected world, if you download a Hugo Boss app you can watch the upscale outfitter’s forthcoming May 18 3D presentation at the Beijing Fashion Show by pointing your iPhone at a sticker placed on various Hugo Boss stores around the world in a new Sapient/Nitro campaign. Here’s Hugo Boss CEO Claus-Dietrich Lahrs (nice suit Claus) to tell you all about it.

It’s an interesting notion, relying on there being a large number of dedicated Hugo Boss fans (there are probably zillions). A but nerve-wracking for the agency though. There you are, with the client, standing outside one of the company’s flagship stores, praying that someone comes along and points an iPhone at the window. If this is one of its posh London stores in Sloane Square or Regent Street it will undoubtedly be pouring with rain too (the UK is currently suffering Noah’s Ark-like weather despite there being an official ‘drought’).

If I was the account man I’d tee up my mates to come along ready-prepared, just in case.

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