Here’s what Kraft’s new Mondelez looks like

Kraft shareholders have agreed to buy the name Mondelez for the about-to-be spun off snacks business, incorporating the likes of Cadbury and Oreos among other brands.

Here’s the logo (home-produced like the name?), complete with fiddly bits around the edges, ‘accents’ apparently.

Looks like a bit of desperate tarting up to me, but there you go.

Yell’s new Hibu, sorry hibu, identity uses much the same kind of visual device. Two dinky little dots over the ‘u.’ It can’t be a German umlaut accent surely, you hardly need one in highly un-teutonic ‘hibu.’ And where’s the logic in dropping the capital letter (which is becoming the highly irritating norm) and then introducing a wholly redundant umlaut (or not, but two dots anyway). More desperate prettification.

Yell shareholders are due to cast their vote on this silliness soon and, no doubt like Kraft’s, they’ll roll over. They’re investors aren’t they, not art critics? But at least they’ll have the opportunity to ask how much brand agency Landor was paid for this and how much the implementation will cost.

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