EDF Energy rolls out cuddly brand mascot with new ais London ‘zoetrope’ online film

We’ve already tried to savage AMV/BBDO’s EDF Energy film,(which features a cuddly sort of muppet/puppet) to absolutely no effect, as lots of people seem to like it.

And now the French-owned energy company is rolling out another bit of its campaign trying to show why we should love it rather than hate it, this time with an online campaign through ais London. Ais is the agency formerly known as Archibald Ingall Stretton. The ad is actually quite winning, annoyingly. It’s all built around something called a ‘zoetrope,’ a device that shows how different people look at things from different perspectives (including EDF’s prices). Ais has built one of these things, they tell me. There’s a thankyous website (don’t ask) to go with it.

Somebody once said, don’t let the bastards grind you down. Not a view that cuts much ice at EDF Energy, which is cheerfully grinding away.

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