Dare Vancouver takes over Yahoo! entertainment page for Honda Civic test drive

This is very ingenious from Dare Vancouver for Honda Civic, a test drive on the Yahoo! entertainment page to illustrate the proposition that ‘driving is fun again.’

Honda Civic Content City from thisisdare on Vimeo.

“We liked the idea on paper right away, but we knew it would take a lot of problem solving and collaboration to make it happen”, says Dare creative director Rob Sweetman.

Dare first enlisted the help of Jungle Media to source websites that would host the unique takeover. “We needed a site that would allow us to have access to their content so we could use it to turn into buildings and landscape.” says Sweetman. “We then needed a 3D animation house that would be able to turn the content into a city. Hatch Studios had a great treatment, but more importantly they were excited about the project and really eager to make it happen.”

The Dare creatives were Addie Gillespie and Mia Thomsett, the director was Richard Rosenman for Hatch.

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