CFOs and account supremos (male versions only) trouser the riches of adland

We’ve wondered before here whether adland is a white boy’s club and it certainly seems to be in its upper echelons according to Business Insider’s list of the best-paid 33. But, rather surprisingly, it’s the bean counters who are high up the rich list, Omnicom’s Randall J. Weisenberger (hardly a household name although maybe he should be) and WPP’s Paul Richardson reserving some of the loot for themselves.

Top paid CEO was Publicis Groupe’s Maurice Levy on $26m, although that was with a big long terms bonus. Next was Miles Nadal (pictured) of resolutely unprofitable MDC Partners on $24m. BI awards WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell $11m in fifth place although his total 2011 package was worth more than that.

At Omnicom TBWA’s Tom Carroll gets $8.84m, slightly behind BBDO’s Andrew Robertson on $8.9m. At Interpublic’s McCann Nick Brien struggles by on $4.7m. Saatchi’s Kevin Roberts gets $4m.

But the real surprises are newish Havas CEO David Jones on a modest $2m and Carat’s Jerry Buhlmann on $2.9m (Enough to keep the wolf from the door admittedly). Then again, WPP is about ten times bigger than both so maybe it works out.

But what, you ask, about creatives? Or women? Don’t seem to be members of the club, old boy.

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