W+K New York explores misery of Michael Jordan

Maybe Coca-Cola is right to make ‘happiness’ the theme of its marketing just now as lots of other people seem to be doing misery and resignation. Here’s another fine example of the latter, for sports channel ESPN from Wieden+Kennedy New York.

A Marxist student of advertising creativity (there must be one somewhere) would say this just proves that such works reflect the economy – about which nobody seems to be feeling good, although it seems to be rather better in the US of A than double-dip recession UK or the wobbly Eurozone. Or maybe it’s because commercials are becoming more like mini-documentaries as they’re partly, or mainly, designed to live their lives out on YouTube, where this one, on the perils of being called Michael Jordan, has scored mightily.

A few upbeat jokes wouldn’t go amiss though.

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