Tesco baffled by lead creative Paul Weinberger’s decision to quit TRBR in mid-pitch

Mystery surrounds, as they say, the unheralded departure of Paul Weinberger (pictured), chairman of The Red Brick Road and Keeper of the UK £110m Tesco account, now under review.

The rupture won’t be complete: Weinberger tells us he will do some client consultancy after his ‘retirement.’ But we are left with the distinct impression he doesn’t think one of his clients will be Tesco: “I’ve enjoyed a wonderfully collaborative relationship with Tesco over the last 20 years or so but, sadly, you have to know when your time is up,” he says cryptically.

Weinberger actually worked 22 years on the account, first at Lowe then TRBR. No one is closer to ‘Every Little Helps,’ which he has shepherded creatively speaking since its launch.

Tesco, I’m told, is as baffled by this development as everyone else (at any rate, everyone outside the agency). It fully expects TRBR to repitch.

All we know is Weinberger is very upset that Tesco decided to put the account into review in the first place. But why this sense of grievance should precipitate an announcement now – as opposed to earlier or, better still, after the pitch – is anyone’s guess.

As are bookie’s odds on TRBR now retaining the account…

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