Still independent T-Mobile drops Carly’s dresses for biker leathers in US relaunch campaign

Not literally (which will disappoint T-Mobile front woman Carly’s many male fans) but in an attempt to pressure its huge US rivals by offering a faster 4G Network in a new campaign by Publicis. The company says it’s a precursor to a full relaunch this fall.

T-Mobile says Carly’s new look (and 1000cc Ducati motorbike) “symbolizes the speed and capabilities of our 4G network. The ad is a metaphor for what T-Mobile is all about – challenging the status quo and taking bold steps in the marketplace as a challenger brand.”

This is the first big new campaign since Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile abandoned its plans for a $39bn merger with At&T late December after objections from US regulators. Which is why T-Mobile has become a challenger brand, presumably. And, of course, meant that Publicis Seattle kept the account.

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