Orgasmic animation from Studio AKA to celebrate digital culture vultures onedotzero

To mark awards and festival organiser onedotzero’s 15th anniversary, London production company Studio AKA asked 15 artists to make various ‘Granimator apps’ – a wallpaper generation app created by design studio ustwo. The app allows the user to select from a choice of shapes, styles and backgrounds. Each shape represents a sound that can be manipulated and played and users can draw, erase, move, scale and rotate these assets to create compositions.

‘Yeah Just There’ is Studio AKA director Grant Orchard’s contribution to the pack and in addition he has created a one minute – ahem – ‘love letter’ to onedotzero, based on the reduced graphic artwork and sound created for the app.

What’s this to do with advertising? You’ll be seeing it soon, spicing up ads for Pampers and PG Tips.

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