Ogilvy Paris flattens population of Rouen in ‘worst breath in the world’ flash mob epic for Tic Tac

Ferrero Rocher is hardly known for pushing the boundaries of creativity (Ambassador’s Party anyone?). But in this epic from Ogilvy Paris for Tic Tac it marshals what seems like most of the population of Rouen (and 60 of its own employees in the city) for what might be the most ambitious ‘flash mob’ one-take commercial cum viral film so far. The protagonist (an actor presumably) has ‘la pire haleine du monde’ (worst breath in the world), until the intervention of Tic Tac.

In just a few days it’s had over a million YouTube hits. The copywriter was Charles-Henrty Joyaut and the art director Salome Jestin. It was directed by Francois Nemeta (brave man) for Fighting Fish.

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