Now Mother New York tries to make the world a better place by persuading kids to read

Artfully disguised social engineering seems to be the theme of much US advertising recently – Chrysler reviving Detroit, P&G sponsoring mothers, Coke appropriating ‘Happiness’ – and now Mother New York has entered the fray with this opus for Book People Unite, a joint venture between not-for-profit Reading is Fundamental, the Library of Congress and the US Ad Council, aimed at getting kids to read.

Reading isn’t as simple as it used to be of course, with ebooks and the like challenging pages. But there’s neither here, which is a good move by Mother (don’t want kids nagging their parents for Kindles). Red Riding Hood looks a lively gal.

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    Not as sophisticated as the Guardian’s three little pigs and I’m really not sure who this particular ad is for. Not really for the kids and not really for the adults. A small and unsatisfying bite for everyone. Although I’m not complaining – after all the corporations trying to be socially benevolent this at least comes from a credible source. To be honest I would rather have the corporations paying more taxes and for these causes to be the centrepoint for such activities rather than the corporations becoming the ‘voice’ of society. Agree that RHH is hot!