Now good old Xerox sets out to save the world

They’re all at it these days, big corporations telling us that they’re not just out to make money for themselves they’re really about saving the world/making life better or, in this new campaign from Xerox from Y&R New York, better, safer and simpler.

They used to call this stuff corporate advertising of course. It was big in the 1980s and 90s but then kind of disappeared as all those hard-nosed media agency types pointed out that it cost a fortune and didn’t sell anything. And clients accepted that you couldn’t say that much in thirty seconds anyway.

But now we have YouTube and online video so time isn’t an issue. And, just in case you thought copier pioneer Xerox had gone the way of Kodak, it hasn’t, it’s just been working on a ‘A World Made Simpler.’

YouTube score so far, 145,000. So not bad.

The copywriter was Corey Rakowsky and the art director Kleber Menezes. Production company was Blacklist with animation wizards Psyop. It was director by Psyop/Cisma.

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