Now BBDO Argentina claims world’s first Twitter commercial for Smart cars

Well it had to come (and now it has, again possibly): the world’s first ‘Twitter commercial.’ BBDO Argentina has produced this for the launch of Smart cars’ Twitter account in the country. Visitors to Smart Argentina’s Twitter page can view an animated Smart, with each frame made out of 140 characters or less.

Actually Euro RSCG Amsterdam (as was) claimed the prize of world’s first etc last year with an ad for Citroen featuring a contest where you had to use Twitter, but there seems to be more Twitter in this one.

The copywriters were Guido Lacellotti and Agustin Suarez and the art director Maximiliano Ballarini.

Of course it’s not a commercial actually on Twitter (or is it?) but ingenious all the same. Commercials on Twitter are an interesting concept: what price Piers Morgan or Kim Kardashian?

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