Nike Free Running has a lot more charm than its latest whizz bang football boots

‘I would run to you’ is the score for this latest Nike Free Running opus ‘Run Stronger’ from Wieden+Kennedy. And very charming it is too, with a the lady loping effortlessly across American while her beloved ends up in intensive care shortly after breaking sweat.

The copywriter was Reuben Hower and the art director Stuart Brown. It was directed by man-of-the-moment Ringan Ledwidge of Rattling Stick, auteur of BBH’s ‘Three Little Pigs’ ad for the Guardian.

“Kansas City, it’s the Paris of the plains.” Brilliant.

Then there’s this opus (by W+K too I suppose) for Nike’s new ludicrously-named Mercurial Vapor Vlll boots featuring tennis’s Rafa Nadal taking on Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays the game with his soccer bits.

Well it’s all very clever (and popular too, nearly six million YouTube hits) but aren’t you a bit fed up with over-paid, over-muscled sports stars leaping around for even more money? The underlying assumption is that they do these things for the love of it all, even though it’s an ad. It’s a bit like showing bankers with heart.

But there’ll be lots more to come with the Euros and the Olympics this year and the World Cup in two years’ time. Can’t we have a story guys? Like the running ad?

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