JWT makes ‘Land of Dreams’ debut for Brand USA

This is JWT’s debut campaign for Brand USA, the new government-funded entity aimed at attracting more tourists to America. It features Johnny’s daughter Rosanne Cash in a Brooklyn Bridge singalong (her own song) and other images you’d expect, like New Orleans’ French Quarter. But, as we fearlessly ask, is it any good? And will it work?

Well it isn’t bad, which is the first job done. But will it work?

Apparently visitor numbers to America have been falling, which is surprising as the rest of the world seems awash with tourists. The budget for this part of the campaign (due to roll out in other countries too over the next couple of months) is $12.3m, which seems pretty measly. When JWT won the business a budget of $200m was mooted.

But it’s not just about ads and money. The USA can seem a pretty unwelcoming place to lots of people these days in the aftermath of 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan. Apart from anything else, it takes you so long to get into the damn country, which isn’t very welcoming, Land of Dreams or not.

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